Deal with the mayhem of life without missing God’s intended order!


Like trees, people go through times like the seasons of the year: times when our lives flourish and then fall apart; times of coldness; times of starting over; and times when the pressures of life get hot. And in every season there is a purpose.

                                                                                                    – John J. Bissessar



what if?

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What if your life were not a mess but a series of purposeful steps—intentional phases through which you could walk in confidence? Imagine being truly prepared for the changes in life no matter what curveballs are thrown at you!



In this book you’ll learn:

–What ancient agriculture has to do with Christians today


–Why change is a good thing and waiting is worthwhile


–How to know you’re on the right track when things aren’t going your way


–Why you should be glad when God comes at you with the pruning shears


–Where you should be getting your food and water if you want to be ready for anything


–Why you shouldn’t be broken up when life smashes you to pieces


–How you can be sure the dark days won’t last


–What it’s going to take for you to grow beyond the basics


–What kind of harvest you can expect from God and why you shouldn’t keep it to yourself


PLUS workbook sections will help guide your progress from one season to the next!


Don’t be defeated by your current circumstances or afraid of what’s to come. God purposefully arranges our lives so we can experience the profound transformation of our character in the midst of change.


Pick up your copy of The Seasons of Time today and get ready to take part in God’s bountiful harvest!